About us

CPTG is a professional certifying organization representing healthcare professionals in the field of Phlebotomy, all across Canada. CPTG was established to enhance patient care, advance skills and competence as well as to represent and support Phlebotomy Technicians in their field of practice.

CPTG was founded and incorporated in 2019. We are committed to the professional development of and recognition for medical professionals in Phlebotomy practice. The Phlebotomy profession has evolved over the years where the principles and methods have changed dramatically. The profession spans a wide range of employment opportunities and requires specific knowledge base and professional competencies, and as such, through our certification, continuing education and commitment to enhance patient care and safety, CPTG remains focus on certifying Healthcare professionals in the field of Phlebotomy while supporting our members and the healthcare industry.

We are also affiliated with Health Care Organizations and Training Colleges to uphold accuracy, efficiency and standards in our Methodology. Our dedication is working towards the growth of Certified Phlebotomy Technicians through advocacy and education.  We strive for excellence and to foster an inclusive, diverse, cooperative environment.

CPTG administers the National Certification Phlebotomy Technician Exam.

Expert Advisory Committee

Canadian Phlebotomy Technicians Group Inc. is comprised of an Advisory Panel that meets annually to address any concerns in the field of Phlebotomy. This panel along with the Board of Directors are responsible for discussions of any new guidelines implementation and how this will affect or benefit our members.

The Expert Advisory Committee possess a wealth of knowledge in Phlebotomy and are active professionals in the Healthcare industry. The EAC consists of Phlebotomy Technicians, Nurses, Lab Technologists & Technicians, Clinical Educators and Healthcare Consultants.

About the profession

Phlebotomy is the procedure in which blood is withdrawn from the body for diagnosis, transfusion and research purposes. Phlebotomy Technicians are instrumental in the sample collection process and are experts in drawing blood. Phlebotomy Technicians are considered vital members of the healthcare community.